RIO 2016:For Dato' Lee Chong Wei

An open letter for Dato’ Lee Chong Wei
I’ve never get too interested in sports,so it is not a surprised  if I say I know nothing about badminton.But,on this Olympic Rio 2016,I really want to know whether you can defeat Lin Dan in semi-final,so I watched the match even I don’t even know how the point was counted.
When you defeat Lin Dan,then I feel,’okay,you will give us gold medal in final’..But then I start to think,’what if you don’t?,’
Yes,what if you don’t give us gold medal?.
It’s okay.There’s nothing wrong with it.Because,you gave us more that just a medal.
You gave us of course championship from all around the world.
You make Malaysia one of the greatest power in badminton arena.
You are THE NUMBER ONE BADMINTON PLAYER IN THE WORLD.Honestly,that title is big enough to make us proud,to make us feel like everytime we go to another country we could say ‘Lee Chong Wei,that number one badminton player in the world,play for my country,MALAYSIA,”
You gave inspiration and become an idol for millions of junior all around the world.
When you fail you doping test,I know it’s gonna be hard for you,but then you prove it, you become the NUMBER ONE again!
You feel sad,I know,you lose the match with Cheng Long.But then please don’t be sorry for us,the Malaysian,don’t feel you disappointed us,don’t feel that you gave us a bad match.
We knew all along Dato’ that you have given your very best in that match,only Cheng Long is much better and maybe it is his luck to win gold medal.
At this very end,I would like to thank you,thank you for everything you have done for us.Thank you for fight alone but then let us share your champion.Thank you for trying very hard just to make us happy with your winning. Thank you because all this time you give your very best just for Malaysia.


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