It really taught me….
I got the news about the death of my mother’s friend on 17th September 2015.And really,he don’t cry at all,he still make thing as usual except he became so quiet.That was what make our heart aches.He didn’t show his real emotion or how he really felt.He try very hard to show us that he was okay.Or maybe he already prepared since his mother suffered cancer quite a long time.
I cried,when he said his mother was gone,with a smile.I cant imagine it.My mother was gone and I am still waiting for someone to pick me up at the studio,and did all my assignment at the studio like nothing happen.I really don’t think I was as strong as him.
All this time I thought Allah gave me the obstacle that my friend cant endure it.But then he showed me,what he gave me was nothing since my friend went through a great lose in his life.And it really taught me.Allah gave you obstacle that you can endure the burden,I cant endure the lose of my mother but my friend can,that’s why Allah gave that test to him.
That night happen to be the saddest night among my classmate.we shared the same sadness.I tried very hard in holding back my tears.They say not to cry in front of him,stay strong as much as he stay strong in front of us.And really I tried.I don’t dare looking at him,seeing his sad face,seeing how much he holding back his sadness,seeing how much he tried to cope with the situation,seeing how anxious he was while waiting for his uncle to picked him up so he can see his mother for the last time.When it was time for him to go,I cant even say stay strong because I don’t think it was a good sentence to say at him since we all know we cant be strong if we face the lose of the loved one.So I just say “be careful,” and he reply,”hmm” with a smile!.Oh how strong he was!.

I hope that my friend will be alright.Will be okay.He has our all support.He lose his mother but I knew he didn’t lose his mother’s love. 


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